Scale Length Approximately 70 mm
Rotational Speed of Handle 160 rpm. and above
Response time Less than 3 seconds when a resistance, the value of which corresponds to the central scale mark, 
is suddenly inserted between measuring terminals.
Limits of error The insulation resistance measurement is accurate to within ± 5% of the indicated value at the Scale mark of the rated resistance, in conformity with IS:2992-1987 stipulations.
Tolerance on Voltage Within ± 10 of the rated voltage for scale mark of infinity & more than 90% of the rated voltage for the central scale marks.
Accuracy of Voltage The testers are provided mainly to determine whether the equipment under test is live or not, and not for any accurate measurement work. However the accuracy is within ± 10% F.S.D.
Tilt influence Less than 0.5mm deflection from the infinity scale mark, due to an inclination of 5 degrees from the horizontal.
Ambient temp. influence The deviation in indication is less that ± 5% near the central scale mark for an
ambient temperature change of 20 degrees from 27 Degree C.
Influence of humidity Within the rated accuracy, at relative humidity of up to 90%.
Insulation resistance 1) More than 25 Mohm between the electric circuits and case for rated voltage
upto and including 250V.
2) More than 50 Mohm between the electric circuits and case for rated voltage above 250V.
Dielectric strength Withstands application of 2000 volts AC(rms) for 1 minute between the electric
circuits & the case.
Accessories (supplied with instrument) : Test leads and instruction manual.
(supplied optional at extra cost) : Carrying case.
External dimensions Size : 160 x 110 x 72 mm. Weight : 1.0 Kg. ABS Body (NITA)
Size : 178 x 122 x 126 mm. Weight : 2.3 Kg. Metal Body (NITM)