Operating Voltage 110-450 V AC 50/60 Hz
Current 50mA-6A AC
Auxillary supply AC + 10% 50/60Hz
CT Ratio 5--5,000A AC (only primary to be set)
Power Consumption <0.1VA in Current Circuit 
< 1 VA in Voltage
ON/OFF Relay Rating 5A/250VAC - NO Contact
PF Setting 0.5 Lag - 0.8 Lead
Functions accurately above 3% load
Dimention 96 x 96 x 80 mm (Depth)
Cut out 91 x 91 mm
Protection IP 54 (Front option) IP 20 Terminal Block
Mounting Wedge clamps
Casing G.F. Ploycarbonate (UL-94V0)
Ambient -10° C to 55° C
Storage -20° C to 70° C
Humidity <95% RH Non Condensing
KEY PAD 4 keys for scrolling through display pages and programming functions.
Over Current (> 110% IL)  
Over Voltage (>110% VLL)  
CT Primary  
Target PF (Lead/Lag)  
NO. Of stages(4/6/8/10)  
kVAr of each capacitors (Auto detect using Auto Sense/Manual)
Reconnection time (upto 999 Sec)  
Auto/Manual ON & OFF Mode for each CAPACITOR  
Clear History(ON time data of each CAPACITOR).  
Up to 4/6/8/10 stages with stage indication.(Unique Models UNO+4R, UNO+6R, UNO+8R, UNO+10R).
CT Polarity Auto detection.
Auto CAP kVAr detection.
Target PF Programmable both as Lead & Lag.
Password Protection for Set Values.
Individual CAPACITOR can be programmed ON-OFF-AUTO.
Automatic disconnection of all caps in case of Mains failure.
CT Primary direct setting from 5A - 5000A
Programmable Capacitor Reconnection time.