Upto 4/6/8/10 stages with stage indication.(Unique Models UNO+4R, UNO+6R, UNO+8R, UNO+10R)  
CT Polarity Auto detection.  
Auto CAP kVAr detection.  
Target PF Programmable both Lead & Lag.  
Password Protection for Set Values.  
Individual CAP can be programmed ON-OFF-AUTO.  
Automatic disconnection of all caps in case of Mains failure.  
CT Primary direct setting from 5A - 5000A  
Programmable Capacitor Reconnection time.  
Reliable performance at Low Current.  
Potential free contact for driving contactors to switch CAP. 5A/230V AC Relay With NO Contact)  
Clear History of Capacitor ON Time.  
V, A, P F, kVAr, kW & kVA.