Voltage (line to line) 80 to 550V AC
Current ratings 5A AC (CT Ratio Programmable)
System 3Ø 4wire/3Ø 3wire/Single phase
Aux supply 230V AC + 10%
Frequency 45-65 Hz
VA Burden <0.4VA
Relay Rating 5A/250V AC
DISPLAY 4 digits of 7 Segment bright Red LEDs
14.2mm height in both rows
ACCURACY CLASS + 1.0/0.5 (Optional)
COMMUNICATION RS 485 serial port with standard 
MODBUS RTU protocol (Optional)
CASING Glass filled Plastic as per DIN 43700
TERMINAL BOARD 20 ways terminals with M4 Screws
CLAMPS Glass.Filled Plastic
Dimention 96 x 96 x 80 mm (Depth)
Cut out 91 x 91 mm
Protection IP 54 (Front option) IP 20 Terminal Block
Weight 400 gms. (approx.)
Ambient -10° C to 55° C
Storage -20° C to 70° C
Humidity Up to 95% Relative Humidity.
KEY PAD 4 keys for scrolling through display pages and programming functions.
HT/LT Panels  
Power distribution  
BMS & SCADA systems  
Switchboards in Malls/Multi-storey Buildings/Theatres
All types of Industrial control panels
True RMS Measurement
Of the Sliding window type.
Programming and viewing of predictive parameters.
Maximum Demand & Present & predictive.
Auto/Manual Scroll.
Demand Parameter of kVA or kW.
Auto scaling and decimal point.
Programmable Demand period(5min to 30min)
Low CT/PT burden.
Auto EB Synchronization.
Finger proof terminals (Optional).
ERTL/ERDA Laboratory Tested.
Isolation: 4kV, 50 Hz, 1 min (Enclosure to Terminal).
User programmable Password protection.
OLD Register can be be used after previously cleared Demand value.
4 user defined potential free contact Relay outputs.
Demand (Present & Predictive).
Maximum Demand. (KVA or kW).
V, A, kW & kVA for each phase.
V, A(Avg.) kW, kVA (Total)