True RMS Measurements.  
Sliding window type.  
Programming and viewing of predictive.  
Maximum Demand & Present & predictive  
Auto/Manual Scroll.  
Demand Parameter of kVA or kW.  
Auto scaling and decimal point.  
Programmable Demand period(5min to 30min)  
Low CT/PT burden.  
Auto EB Synchronization.  
Finger proof terminals (Optional).  
ERTL/ERDA Tested.  
Isolation: 4kV,50 Hz, 1 min (Enclosure to Terminal).  
User programmable Password protection.  
OLD Register to be used the previously cleared Demand value  
4 user defined potential free contact Relay outputs.  
Demand (Present & Predictive).  
Maximum Demand. (KVA or kW).  
V, A, kW & kVA for eah phase.  
V, A(Avg.) kW, kVA (Total)