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NIPPEN electronic energy meters are panel mounting type innovative energy monitoring devices ,having state of the art electronic microcontroller circuitry for reliability and accuracy. They can be used for 1Ø / 3Ø balanced and unbalanced loads.

  • There are three models to choose:
    1) Counter type Model EM 34.
    2) Digital LCD type Model EM 34L.
    3) Digital Dual Supply type Model EM 34D for Electricity Board & DG Set Energy Supply.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Elegant International Styling.
  • Unique Service Support.
  • Suitable for 1Ø / 3Ø 3W / 4W Electrical system.
  • A Single meter records both Electricity Board or Utility  and Diesel Generating  Set Energy Consumption thus enabling Billing of tariffs at  different rates defined.

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