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In today's world of cutthroat competition and market dive economy, on one hand there are rising energy cost and on the other is an urgent need to be "Globally Competitive", not only to grow but even to survive.

Further there is need to comply with the new energy conservation law 2001, making energy audits mandatory.

Smart Analyser (Multi Parameter Meter Software)
Idealsoft Solutions brings to you yet another tool Smart Analyser, to enhance your energy conservation and utility Management efforts.

Smart Analyser - Total Energy Management Solution is available in three flavors as follows:

A) Standard version ships with the basic required facilities such as Online Monitoring of Real Time data, Graphical Representation of Current Values, Tabular format of historical data, Alarms at a particular level crossed. It can export the data to the other spreadsheet utitilies. In the settings option you can set the parameters for the Alarms, Meter selection, ranges. The software is armed with easy help at each stage of usage.

B) Professional Version contains above & some advanced features such as zooming the Graphs for better Precision. It will e-mail the alarmed data periodically to a particular Email ID. It generates Tariff Bills report as per settings.

C) In Enterprise Version the key feature is tht Data can be viewed over the Internet for distant monitoring of meter. With this feature a valid user can view the trends/all the features over the internet.